60 min VIP Personalized Massage Experience

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About the experience

All the reasons are good for a moment of relaxation. Zeste Relaxation offer you personalized massage therapy services. Massage therapists are passionate and dedicated to your well-being. They read your body, know what it needs and adapt to it. You will never have the same massage twice because your reasons to relax change, and so do your tensions. They also offer relaxation sessions in the only Epsom salt floating bath in Quebec City. The floating bath contains 1000 pounds of Epsom salt in water heated to skin temperature. All this allows your body to float comfortably and effortlessly and your mind to escape. The benefits of floating in weightlessness are many: deep relaxation, relieve tension, reduce stress and anxiety, relieve pain, reduce recovery time after exercise, stimulate the immune system and metabolism, and much more! The floating bath is excellent especially for pregnant women, big sportsmen, people who are anxious or suffering from chronic pain.

This experience offers

  • A personalized massage of 60 min
  • Interview and Health Check
  • Rest period with a bathrobe and slippers
  • Glass of apple wort and healthy snack
  • Tea or herbal tea and water bottle
  • Gift: one bottle of massage gel of your choice (relaxation or muscle)
  • $10 applicable credit on your next visit

Fine prints

  • Reservation required