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About the experience

Inspired by Southern Cajun cuisine, Firebarns is a hot sauce made from hot peppers. Several products are available with several varieties of chili peppers. From Habanero to Scotch Bonnet and Chipotle to name just a few.

The name “Firebarns” comes from Barney, the English bulldog of the co-owner of the company François Ménard. It is with great pride that he finds himself on the storefront of all products. We invite you to follow it rigorously on our Facebook and Instagram, it has many surprises!

Many countries in the world are large producers and consumers of hot sauces, Mexico, the United States, Tunisia, Indonesia, Thailand and many others. It's a little less common in Canada and it's the mission of local producers like Firebarns to show our people that there are a thousand and one ways to cook with hot sauce.

This experience offers

  • One Firebarns Rum & Chipotle Sauce 53ml
  • One Firebarns Tequila Lime Sauce 53ml
  • One Firebarns Original Sauce 53ml
  • One Firebarns Jamaican Scotch Bonnet 53ml
  • One BBQ Sauce Firebarns 200ml
  • One plate of Firebarns wood

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