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About the experience

Martin Pelletier, an expert in happiness offers his services of hypnosis and coaching. Hypnosis is to gain access to the restorative power of the subconscious. When you stop bombing the body and mind with all sorts of thoughts and memories, it repairs itself. Hypnosis allows you to find your own solutions, but they are otherwise inaccessible because of our conditioning and our limiting beliefs. Hypnosis really offers a lot of possibilities. For example, it helps to work on fear of public expression, eliminate fears and phobias (airplanes, spiders, etc.), weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management, increase self-confidence, experience grief, adjust allergy and eliminate physical pain.

This experience offers

  • 3 60-minute Valabes hypnosis sessions in Montreal
  • Two experiential coaching sessions that, combined with hypnosis, can further anchor the results
  • An audio file to continue the work after the sessions

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  • Reservation required