Living Clinic: Shirodhara Care

Marker Icon City of Laval
Clock Icon Valid at all times
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About the experience

Enjoy the varied range of cosmetic treatments and massages at the Vivre Body Clinic. It stands out for its personalized approach. The team consists of beauticians, massage therapists, doctors, and naturopaths. It is in a quiet and zen atmosphere that you can enjoy a privileged moment of relaxation to pamper yourself.

This experience offers

  • Comfortable, shirodhara treatment consists of the slow and fluid spilling of a hot jet of oil on the forehead. The oil pours over the entire head thus treating the hair and scalp
  • 1 Ayurvedic Shirodhara Treatment
  • The rental of a towel, bathrobe and sandals
  • Access to the infrared sauna
  • 1 hot or cold infusion and a snack

Fine prints

  • Reservation required