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About the experience

4T has set itself the mission to offer concrete tools to better live the fourth trimester, a time so important for mom and her baby. The physical and mental recovery of the mother is our goal, as is the communication on the importance of this stage and the normalization of questions, fears and everyday glitches.
The 4T boxes offer everything you need to make the return home feel lightness and well-being: natural care, such as herbal baths, herbal teas or other sweets to engage in the best possible healing of the body, recipe sheets prepared from natural foods and restorators, tips to help create the mother-child bond and practical information about what can happen during your new baby's first weeks of life.

This experience offers

  • All the essentials for mom's healing and well-being
  • Breastfeeding herbal tea — 20 ready-to-use sachets
  • Post-partum herbal tea — 10 ready-to-use sachets
  • Postpartum herb bath - a 100g bag with 2 bags of cotton muslin to put dried herbs in it. Good for 4 to 5 baths
  • Oat bath with baby - a bag of 100g with 2 bags of cotton muslin, good for 4 5 baths
  • 4 nursing compresses - Ultimate Omaïki
  • Perfect postpartum look - a 55g bottle of dry shampoo and a caliber tie headband
  • Wound-healing vapo - a bottle of 100 ml
  • Vapo good night, sweet dreams - a bottle of 100 ml
  • Sweet nipples - a jar of 25g
  • Sweet baby buttocks - a jar of 25g
  • Disposable Padsiccles Set: 12 Disposable Sanitary Napkins, 1 Bottle to Clean the Perineum, 60ml Aloe Gel
  • Happy — synergy of essential - a bottle of 5ml of essential oils
  • Oil for lovers lavender-citrus - a bottle of 50ml of massage oil
  • Lifelines Oil - a 32ml bottle of vegetable oils and essential oils to massage the “Lifelines”
  • Lavender-Jasmine Soy Candle - Burns 30 Hours
  • Exclusive access to the EXTRA section on the Quatre T website
  • Bonus: DDODO - synergy of essential oils of 5 ml - value of $10

Fine prints

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