Self-defense workshop with Patrick “The Predator” Side

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About the experience

MMA self-defense course with Patrick “The Predator” Canadian MMA practicing side, Patrick Côté holds a black belt of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He fought in the octagon of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and his expertise in mixed martial arts is recognized worldwide. Patrick exclusively teaches you his self-defense skills acquired during his career and during his many fights.

This experience offers

  • A self-defense workshop led by Patrick Côté for 4 people
  • Course based on mixed martial arts techniques (MMA), lessons that actually work in case of attack or aggression
  • Patrick teaches you his self-defense and self-confidence techniques including strikes, projections and submissions
  • Simulated Assaults - Training with real-life situations
  • Increase your personal trust
  • Teachings to avoid a physical confrontation

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