Best places to observe Perseids in Quebec

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Perseids, theshooting star rains observed between July 20 and August 25, are one of the unmissable activities year after year. Celestial beauty can be admired throughout Quebec under certain conditions. To better admire them, Outgo offers you the 5 best places to stay in this fabulous show.

Enjoy exceptional views at Oka National Park in the Laurentians

Profitez de la vue exceptionnelle au Parc national d’Oka dans les Laurentides

Located a stone's throw from the metropolitan area of Montreal, Oka National Park stands out for its rich historical and natural heritage. Calvary, with its four oratories and three chapels, is a unique historical infrastructure in America.

In the Grande Baie and the Rivière aux Serpents, land and water combine to create ecological jewels: wetlands. At the top of the Calvary d'Oka trail, an exceptional view opens to Lake Deux Montagnes and the Adirondacks: a simply beautiful and soothing place to observe the Perseids.

Magical observation at the Saint-Zénon Pourvoirie in Lanaudière

Observation magique à la Pourvoirie Saint-Zénon dans Lanaudière

Located 1h30 from Montreal, the enchanting site is located at the top of a mountain, near Carotte Lake, on the grounds of Pourvoirie Saint-Zénon. In addition to the absence of light pollution, the area is very dry, which makes it easier to observe the perseids. You can discover the sky with sophisticated telescopes and devices that allow you toobserve and photograph shooting stars.

It is always best to check on the Observatory's Facebook page if there are activities taking place in the evening, depending on the weather forecast. In addition, it is possible to reserve your place in order to ensure your entrance to the observatory and enjoy the magnificent spectacle that the Perseids have to offer.

An introduction to nature for the whole family at ASTROLab in the Eastern Townships

Initiation à la nature pour toute la famille à l’ASTROlab des Cantons-de-L’Est

Located in the exceptional setting of the Mont-Mégantic National Park,AstroLab is a centre of astronomy activities dedicated to the public. In the evening, look up to the sky of the first international starry sky reserve and take time to observe the Perseids.

Two public observatories as well as numerous telescopes and observation instruments will allow you to discover the splendours of space and the Universe. You can also take advantage of the moment to climb to the top and visit the Observatory with its 1.6-metre telescope. In the evenings, guests can also participate in an astronomy evening at AstroLab or the Popular Observatory. An introduction to nature and shooting star watching for the whole family!

Enchanting scenery of the Mont-Bélair Natural Park in the Capitale-Nationale

Décor enchanteur du Parc naturel du Mont-Bélair dans la Capitale-Nationale

The Observatoire Astronomique de la Découverte (OAD) is located on the outdoor base La Découverte, in the enchanting setting of Mont-Bélair Natural Park located in Val-Bélair. This Observatory organises various activities aimed at the general public and school clientele. It has unique equipment in the Quebec City region, thus providing amateurs with an introduction to astronomy through the various activities of the CAVB, including the observation of Perseids.

It offers, both insiders and uninitiated, the observation of Galaxies, star clusters, Nebulae, planets of our Solar System and shooting stars. An activity not to be missed for residents of the Quebec City region.

Privileged meeting place for astronomers at Mont Cosmos de Chaudière-Appalaches

Lieu de rencontre privilégié pour les astronomes au Mont Cosmos de Chaudière-Appalaches

Located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains in the municipality of Saint-Elzéar-de-Beauce, less than an hour's drive from Quebec City, Mont Cosmos is an ideal site forobservation of shooting stars. Far from light pollution and offering a clear view of the sky over the St. Lawrence Valley, thesite has now been home to the Monte Cosmos Observatory for more than 40 years.

Mount Cosmos is a privileged meeting place for amateur astronomers and the most experienced neophytes. In the darkest darkness, a team of volunteers from the Mont Cosmos association and researchers from Université Laval offers public observation sessions and astrophotography demonstrations. It is one of the most beautiful places to observe the Perseids in Quebec.

Let yourself be worn by the flamboyant beauty of the Perseids. From July 20th to August 25th, let yourself be carried by the flamboyant beauty of the Perseids. The starry sky offers us a grand spectacle not to be missed. The fascination of shooting stars on humanity is so ancient that it cannot be accurately dated. So fleeting and elusive, these fine beams of light lead us to look greedily at the sky like few other celestial objects.

In order to observe the perseids, do not forget to follow the following tips :

  • Move away from urban centres, street lights, signs, home lights and other sources of light interference that will mask the sky;
  • Move away from buildings, trees, and all other landscape features that would block your view from the sky;
  • As much as possible, find a place where the sky is free of cloud.

And you, will you observe the Perseids this year?

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