The perfect remedies for back-to-school stress

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The day before the start of school puts you at the end of the roll? Are you exhausted and need respite? Go on a getaway where you won't need to think about anything but relaxation. Away from your everyday life, stop time and forget your worries to enjoy this reconnection with your desires and your deep nature. Outgo offers you 6 activities to do as a couple or family in Quebec to enjoy the last days before the school year.

Experience the ultimate outdoor experience at the Pointe-aux-Oies campsite

Vivez l’expérience ultime du plein air avec le camping Pointe-aux-Oies

Camping Pointe-aux-Oies de Montmagny is without a doubt one of the most beautiful campsites in Quebec. It is distinguished by its privileged location characterized by its proximity to the St. Lawrence River. The campsite offers a wide range of entertainment and services that will appeal to all families.

Experience a camping night by renting one of their famous Yurts and Gouttes d'Ô, the only place in Quebec where you can experience this immersive experience.

Enjoy the glamping of HOM mini chalets de l'Outaouais

Goûtez au glamping des HOM mini chalets de l’Outaouais

HOM mini chalets is the place of Glamping par excellence in the Outaouais region. It offers a unique accommodation concept: the rental of contemporary cottages on piles including a private spa at each chalet. At HOM mini chalets, the Glamping experience combines luxury, comfort and design in a breathtaking outdoor environment close to the major tourist cities of Ottawa and Montreal.

Get the time for a weekend in one of their fully equipped, upscale mini chalets that can accommodate up to four people.

Dream holidays at Auberge du Lac Thomas

Vacances de rêve à l’Auberge du Lac Thomas

The starting point for your dream holiday:Auberge du Lac Thomas! Set in an enchanting setting, come and relax alone, as a couple or as a family, to the sound of birds and the wind blowing through the trees. Go on a dream vacation and enjoy all the amenities of the hostel.

Boats can be borrowed to sail quietly on the lake, such as kayaking or canoeing, and the option of hiking in the forest for a few hours. This is the perfect getaway to enjoy the beauties of the province of Quebec!

Deep relaxation with the Spa of Manoir du Lac Delage

Profonde relaxation avec le Spa du Manoir du Lac Delage

The Spa du Manoir du Lac Delage, located on the shores of Lac Delage, just 20 minutes north of downtown Quebec City, offers a full range of à la carte treatments and packages diverse combinations of relaxation and relaxation.

For a total escape, take advantage of half-day, full-day treatments or packages including accommodation. Massage therapy, aesthetics, balneotherapy, body care and many more are at the rendezvous. To meet the needs of all, care for men, for women, for couples. Choosing the Spa of Manoir du Lac Delage means offering oneself a unique experience of deep relaxation in an enchanting environment. Give yourself the right to be good!

Sea water and sea air with Aqua-Mer Thalasso-Spa

Eau de mer et air marin avec Aqua-Mer Thalasso-spa

The sea and the sea air do you good? And if you could enjoy it on a relaxing weekend, what would you say? Enjoy a stay with Aqua-Mer in Carleton-sur-Mer and reconnect with your deep essence. You will have the opportunity to escape and really forget about the daily train-train. You may even choose to spend your stay in a form of fitness treatment and reconnect with yourself.

At Aqua-Mer Thalasso-Spa, everything revolves around the benefits of seawater on you. Don't forget to visit the Aqua Relaxation Area where you can literally let yourself float and lulled by the seawater to ease all your tensions.

Treat yourself to a break with the Baluchon

Offrez-vous une pause avec le Baluchon

Le Baluchon de Saint-Paulin, is an eco-resort that combines history, heritage and respect for the environment and the land. You will find a serene atmosphere in which you will feel calm and in symbiosis with the surrounding nature.

Practice your morning yoga session on the banks of the Loup River and enjoy relaxing treatments offered by the centre. Going on vacation at Le Baluchon means taking a break and making sure to take the time to reconnect with yourself for a few days.

The 2020 school year will be more than peculiar. It will be a significant event for many parents, students, students, teachers and workers that they will remember for a long time in the years to come. In order to pick up the time for a last weekend, choose one of our 6 stress release options and reconnect with yourself to regain strength before the school year. Since there are still a few beautiful days off, take the opportunity to close this summer in style!

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