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This year, although Halloween 2020 will be different, we must be glad that it will fall on a Saturday! For those who didn't understand, it means a whole day dedicated to costumes, scary decorations and candy hunting! Some even announce the full moon! In order to comply with the sanitary measures put in place, Outgo offers a series of activities and ideas to find what to do on Halloween with your family! Whether it's at home, in the park or on the street, you'll love these original ideas that will help kids experience a Halloween they'll remember for a long time!

Family Activity Ideas: The Treasure Hunt of La Bûche Glacée

Idées d’activités en famille: La chasse aux trésors de La Bûche Glacée

What to do on Halloween? Any idea of activity? A candy hunt, of course! But who said Halloween might be cancelled this year? Certainly not La Bûche Iced that offers you a turnkey Halloween treasure hunt experience to do in the comfort and safety of your home! Spend a Halloween activity with your family and take advantage of it to give yourself some little frightening! This great idea to celebrate Halloween with your family gives you access to a candy hunt with 8 puzzles, 20 delicious treats and 2 Halloween challenges to overcome!

The most monstrously ingenious? This Halloween activity is offered in 2 versions: an easy version and a difficult version. The game is intended for 1 to 4 players aged between 5 and 2500 years. What to do on Halloween is no longer a question that Quebec families should ask themselves!

What to do on Halloween that will please the whole family? A candy hunt!

Quoi faire à l’Halloween qui plaira à toute la famille? Une chasse aux bonbons!

This is undoubtedly one of the activities that your children will love most this year! Let go of your fool while celebrating Halloween and create a haunted fort with your family! What is a haunted fort? It's like an ordinary blanket fort, but with Halloween decorations and ideas that give the fright and a good dose of fear stories and funeral tales. Get LED candles and fake spider web and create a monstrous atmosphere during this family activity! Your children will appreciate this activity that will allow you to spend a safe Halloween party with your family! However, be sure not to forget the most important detail! THE SWEETS!

Hurry up to get tons of Halloween treats and decorations. If the weather permits, you may decide to do this Halloween activity with your family outside! Take out the leaf rakes and create dark mountains of haunted leaves! Call on your inner child and let your creativity speak, so you'll know what to do on Halloween this year! Take advantage of the 1kg candy box for delivery anywhere in Quebec!

Family Activity Ideas: Create your own horror supper!

Idées d’activité en famille: Créez votre propre souper d’horreur!

Witch hair, mouse hair and toad blood are waiting for you for a horrifying Halloween dinner with your family. On the night of October 31st, host a dinner where all the elements are in the flavour of Halloween! Little activity idea: Plan the menu in advance with your children! You'll be amazed by their terrifying ideas during this family Halloween activity! This thematic acticity will definitely please your children! What's really great about this Halloween activity idea is that it keeps kids busy for a good part of the day, but it also gives you a lot of crazy laugh (and maybe from the heart)!

Witch fingers with hot dog sausages, Radioactivity residues made with carrots soaked in green colored water, werewolf hair soup with rice vermicelli, brains boiling with rosé cremage cupcakes and much more! Involve all your family members and enjoy a fun Halloween party with this fantastic activity idea!

A must-have Halloween activity: Put on your wildest costume ideas!

Activité incontournable de l’Halloween: Enfilez vos plus folles idées de déguisements!

For this idea of a family Halloween activity, although you can get Halloween makeup at a supermarket store, here's a little crazy idea: use your remaining makeup that lingers in your drawers! Find a Halloween makeup idea and take a family contest to determine which person will be the most horrifying! What to do on Halloween isn't really a question when you let go of your creativity!

For maximum pleasure, and slightly transgressive, let your kids put your makeup on the way they want. Obviously, before you start, make sure you have something on hand to remove makeup afterwards. Otherwise, you risk getting a horrifying surprise the next morning!

Activity idea to impress kids on Halloween night: create ghost garlands with your family!

Idée d’activité pour impressionner les enfants le soir de l’Halloween: créez des guirlandes de fantôme en famille!

The vast majority of children love to let their creativity go and get their hands on the dough. Enjoy a creative family workshop to celebrate Halloween with your children while respecting public health measures. For this family Halloween activity idea, you'll need an old white sheet, string and a good pair of scissors! It's very simple!

Tear off a piece of fabric and form a ball by wiping the fabric: it will be your ghost's head. Then wrap the ball of a rectangle of fabrics to create a small ghost! Making Halloween decorations with your family is always a great activity idea to keep kids busy. Another DIY idea would be to create paper puppets and then use them to create Chinese shadows! Find scary stories or even better: let your kids tell you a invented story! Horrifying little idea: think about putting dark music in the background with screams of witches and gutter cats. Chills guaranteed!

Doing DIY with the family on Halloween has never been so fun! What to do on Halloween? Always this same tradition, again and again. Your kids will never get tanned, as every Halloween you will bring a new dose of creativity to your DIY activities! It's a great way to spend quality time with your family and then display your decorations!

Family Halloween: the famous candy cemetery that will please children... and parents!

Halloween en famille: le célèbre cimetière à bonbons qui saura plaire aux enfants… et aux parents!

Take advantage of the beautiful day of Halloween Saturday to decorate your garden with scary fake tombstones. Halloween idea: name them in your name for an even more terrifying experience! Instave fake tombstones in your yard and take advantage of the dead leaves littering the ground to create mountains of leaves to venture into looking for precious Halloween sweets! This idea of a family Halloween activity will allow you to never ask yourself again, “What to do on Halloween? ”. Why? Wait until you see the amazed faces of your children. You will understand!

Remote Halloween Activity Idea: The Best Costume... on Facetime!

Idée d’activité d’Halloween à distance: Le meilleur costume… sur Facetime!

Technology is often blamed for many things, but the best thing it can do is to come together despite situations that prevent us from doing so. Organize a costume contest with your friends and children's friends and enjoy a good fun with your family! You can also spice up the idea of activity by organizing a dressed dance party where all children will have to create their own dance number.

Create a list of horror music lists and show your best dance moves in front of the camera! You can also do different live activities with Zoom and interact with loved ones by sharing frightening stories. At the end, award prizes to the best looks, each in your home! What to do on Halloween? It's very easy to answer with technology.

Idea to celebrate Halloween despite restrictions: The distribution of ninja candy!

Idée pour célébrer l’Halloween malgré les restrictions: La distribution de bonbons à la ninja!

If you live close to your friends, friends of your children or even families with young children, put on your ninja suit and go to the distribution of surprise sweets! Make small bags of candy and go with the family to your neighborhood, while remaining stealthy! The objective? Make your loved ones smile despite the distance imposed on this Halloween. It's a festive idea to spread joy while enjoying a wonderful family Halloween activity.

What to do on Halloween? It's much simpler than you think. Let your creativity go and enjoy a family activity to celebrate Halloween in all its terror! Forget everything you know about how October 31 is traditionally celebrated and organize a frightening celebration that respects social distancing. Because a Halloween at home can be even more fun than you'd imagine. From setting up a few festive games to making delicious Halloween meals, we hope these ideas will help you have the best Halloween family activity ever.

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