Halloween: 6 scary haunted houses in Quebec

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Halloween, the feast of the dead and other malicious spirits, is the perfect opportunity to explore the region's most terrifying places. Between unexplained mysteries and morbid events, a variety of activities are offered throughout Quebec for the occasion.

Outgo presents you with a selection of the scariest haunted houses for a memorable Halloween!

Spend a night of terror in Laval

halloween quebec maison hantée Passez une nuit de terreur à Laval

From September 27 to November 10, discover the Nuit de Terror à Laval, this event that promises to be most monstrous. More than 15,000 square feet of terror, the largest investment of its kind in the history of the province.

The tour will take you through several different themes, such as a zombie invasion, a demonic clown circus or a visit to a bloody butcher, the Texas Cahin Saw Massacre style. A dozen atmospheres are on the program and 25 actors on site will give body and soul to make you spend a bad quarter of an hour.

The company Escaparium — Jeu d'Évasion, in partnership with Hard Kore Productions, who has been working in the field of haunted houses for more than 10 years, is therefore a most promising project and the rumor runs that the sets are excessively impressive... Tickets are currently on sale!

Cold sweats and adrenaline at the rendezvous

halloween quebec maison hantée Sueurs froides et adrénaline au rendez-vous

Do you have the kidneys solid enough to pass through the house of horror Malefycia?

Pushing the limit of realism and immersion in their disgusting and scary world every year, the organizers of the event and between 700 and 1000 animators of cold sweat and adrenaline offer completely crazy sets, scenarios and themes that you would never have dared to imagine.

This haunted house listed for adults only, with a theatrical immersion concept, will be unequivocal. Surprises, chills, malaise, disgust, laughter, panic, fear, anxiety, apprehension and horror will be guaranteed. At the turn of each door, weird universes will be more than present.

Between fiction and reality in Saint-Calixte

halloween quebec maison hantée Entre fiction et réalité

Just about every haunted house is displayed as horrifying. But most of the time, you get scared on the spot and then you end up laughing at it. At the Haunted Manoir de Saint-Calixte, located west of Rawdon,it's a whole different story...

From the beginning of September to mid-October 2018, more than 800 people have not completed the route, according to their website. There are at least four emergency exits planned accordingly.

In fact, nothing is set aside in this haunted mansion to make you face your own fears, demons and limits. Be careful not to get lost in one of the narrow corridors of the three floors of the mansion, all immersed in total darkness, because who knows what you might encounter.

Live your worst nightmares at the Québécois Village d'Antan

halloween quebec maison hantée Vivez vos pires cauchemars

No less than 130 actors will make you live your worst nightmares through more than 20 horror concepts at the Haunted Village of the Québécois Village d'Antan de Drummondville. If a haunted house scares you, imagine a whole village!

Set in all the houses of the village, and on 3 kilometers of streets and trails, it is in a gloomy and terrorizing atmosphere that the most daring will surely be in the game with twenty concepts that are more refined and horrifying than ever before.

The event is also aimed at a knowledgeable audience who loves thrills (horror tale, macabre forest, etc.) than to a family clientele (makeup house, candy fairy, etc.) It is also possible to purchase a package with themed dinner, upon reservation only.

For real horror fans in Montreal

halloween quebec maison hantée Pour les vrais fans d’horreur

The Festival de la Frayeur, a must for Halloween, is back from October 5 to 27 at La Ronde, where zombies and vampires invade the park. Chills and activities for the whole family throughout the day, followed by a frightening evening of fun after sunset.

The Festival de la Frayeur de Montréal offers a wide variety of the most scary places, including several haunted houses and scary areas throughout the park. Nightmares hide in every corner when night falls, and vampires can finally come out for their daily hunting rituals.

Do you dare to participate?

A dreadful evening in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

halloween quebec maison hantée Une soirée effroyable

The infernal Hotel 54 in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu does not give its place in the field of haunted houses, considered the largest indoor haunted house open all year round in Quebec and most delirious and terrifying in North America .

Its always unique and innovative concept of interactive haunted corridors punctuated by terrifying themed pieces where lost and troubled demonic souls wander. You can also attend one of the dinner shows where renowned professional artists such as actors, magicians, illusionists, mentalists and others perform. A mixture that promises chills, surprises and amazements.

For an entertaining and memorable evening!

With family or friends, meet ghosts, vampires, zombies and other disgusting creatures, and soak up the season well beyond October 31. Whether you're looking for goosebumps or an extraordinary experience, Halloween is the ultimate party for horror buffs. Watch your back! Stay on your guard! Who knows what might surprise you?

Do you have a haunted house experience that makes hair stand on your head? Share it with us as a comment!

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