Thanksgiving: Best family activities

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The arrival of autumn colours and cool weather in Quebec heraldsThanksgiving , which this year falls on October 14. The long weekend from the 11th to the 14th will be the perfect opportunity to stock up on activities and family moments.

So Outgo has found you in this article several activities to do with your family so that no one gets bored during the long weekend!

Halloween Decorations on the Plains of Abraham

action de grace en famille Décorations d’Halloween sur les Plaines D’Abraham

Make your children happy! Give them a taste of Halloween with a visit to the Jeanne d'Arc Garden. Decorated in autumn colours, this jewel of the Battlefields Park is adorned with mysterious decors of legends related to the history of the Plains of Abraham.

Throughout October, ghosts and desperate characters will inhabit the Plains of Abraham to meet the reckless visitors. The National Battlefields Commission invites the public to take part in this fun and terrifying celebration. Young and old will be able to enjoy the many activities of all kinds.

Live an experience between heaven and earth with Sarbayä

action de grace en famille Vivez une expérience entre ciel et terre avec Sarbayä

In search of adventure? Live an experience between heaven and earth with Sarbayä by Arbraska is an aerial hosting site in the heart of Quebec City where participants cross several fun obstacles in the trees. You will find two courses for young people aged 5 to 11, four courses for those aged 12 and over, as well as adults.

A route of 7 mega-zip lines is now available, 4 of which pass over the St-Charles River with spectacular views. Sarbayä offers an extraordinary experience, where surpassing, pleasure and skill are at the rendezvous.

Nature getaway at the Mont Sutton Festival

action de grace en famille Escapade en nature au Festival du Mont Sutton

Sometimes the best activities are often the simplest and the least expensive, especially when you have a larger or smaller family! If you are thinking of a getaway outside the Quebec City region, the Mont Sutton Festival is a must.

Guided hikes, mini accommodation courses, jazz music and songwriter, all for those who want to spend a good time outdoors and enjoy the sweets of the season before the cold.

For epicureans

action de grâce en famille Pour les épicuriens

A warm home, a beautiful fireplace, discreet and enveloping music, a multi-hour gastronomic adventure accompanied by a visit to the farms and gardens, this is what describes the farm and table Champêtre of St-Valérien-de-Hey, Milton. All dishes are prepared using farm products, garden flowers and regional products such as local cheeses and cider.

The quality cuisine and the attention paid to each guest will transform your experience into a memorable moment. You will make beautiful discoveries!

Meeting with the marine world

action de grâce en famille Rencontre avec le monde marin

To enjoy this long weekend, why not take a family outing that your children won't forget soon outside the family home. Enjoy a room at theMotel Le Châteauguay, located east of Quebec City, at the gates of the Côte de Beaupré and Charlevoix, and 5 minutes from Old Quebec.

The proximity of the property allows you to enjoy all the tourist attractions while staying in a quiet and developing area. Then, amaze yourself at the Quebec Aquarium and meet the 10,000 marine animals that inhabit the aquarium: Fish, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and marine mammals. Among them, seals and walruses will make you live unique moments by attending their meal or training. A fascinating experience for young and old alike!

Family Tourist Overview

action de grâce en famille Survol touristique en famille

If you liked one of your latest articles about the surge of colors and the best places to enjoy it, this activity is for you! Located just a few minutes from La Tuque, in the heart of Haute-Mauricie, Aviation La Tuque offers the possibility to make tourist overflights or air taxi for all.

Whether it's for a first flight, to contemplate the Quebec boreal forest or simply to get to the place of your choice by air, they will welcome you with great pleasure to give you an extraordinary experience. The young and dynamic team will pass on its passion for sure!

ARA Feria, the children's party!

action de grâce en famille ARA Féria, la fête des enfants!

A whole new way to see the colors of autumn as a family. Ara-Feria, the forest with a thousand and one adventures. A maze in the forest, inflatable games, musical shows, an obstacle course, gambling stations, a giant sand square, a 300-foot zip line, several interactive exhibits and much more! Located in Saint-Calixte in Lanaudière, the event site is designed to entertain young and old with its 45 educational and immersive stations.

Stay with your family

Thanksgiving is a family holiday during which you can create your own traditions that will make sure to leave beautiful memories for your children. For those who want to stay in the comfort of their home or if the temperature does not allow for activities outdoors, a host of activities to do at home is possible! Read children's books about Thanksgiving, ask older adults to say or write down what they are most grateful for, make little cookies that become a habit every year, and especially make this a sweet moment of sharing with family!

And you, what are you planning for this year's long Thanksgiving weekend? Tell us as a comment!

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