Team Building: 8 activity ideas to strengthen its organizational culture

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Did you know that companies and organizations that communicate effectively are 4.5 times more likely to retain the best employees? The current situation in Quebec is very difficult in the labour market, so employers must ensure that they are able to retain their best resources. Team Building is a pleasant and effective solution to improve both the working environment and organizational results.

We are now in an era where communication is paramount. This communication allows us to better appreciate our environment and promotes interesting organizational results. From this perspective, the results obtained by a team that communicates well is much more promising than those obtained by a team whose communication is not optimal.

The question that remains to be asked: how to organize a Team Building activity that will improve communication within your organization? Don't worry, here are our 8best ideas for Team Building activities to performthat will improve your company's social environment.

A Virtual Cooking Course with Team Building Sauce

Un cours de cuisine virtuel

For this activity, it is interesting to see how some people who do not like cooking generally suddenly become passionate about this art. Take advantage of the distinguished knowledge of renowned chef Etienne Roussin in a new genre cooking class. The most pleasant to this experience is the end result when you compare your creations and probably experience some crazy laughter! This team building activity is an ideal solution to forge powerful links within your work team.

A game of mini putt

Une partie de mini putt

Nothing better than a game of minigolf to train a team to a friendly competition. A small 18-hole course remains a simple and pleasant course that will make your team enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and that will surely build links between all its members.

Experience the immersion of escape games between colleagues

Vivez l’immersion des jeux d’évasion

This team building activity will allow you to test your team in a situation of pressure and observe the reaction and interaction of your staff in the face of it. The principle? Very simple. The team is locked in a room and has to get out of it. The team will be put into position in original and intriguing scenarios with an immersive character.

Your team could become prisoners who must cooperate in order to escape from a prison, or become detectives looking for criminals. You will have to solve the riddle before the bell sound. Indeed, your scenario will have a time limit during which you can develop a team spirit that will benefit your organization. Choose an escape game to consolidate your team building.

The traditional and legendary 5-7 Team Building

Le traditionnel et légendaire 5 à 7

This is a pleasant and relaxing idea: What could be better than chatting and getting to know your colleagues more about your favourite cocktail?

This experience with pleasant flavours will improve communication within your company and provide a relaxing activity outside of office hours. A little moment of relaxation that will allow you to not think about work anymore. Have you ever been told that having a good glass of wine allows you to get back in shape and be ready for new challenges?

A karting race to fill your thirst for adrenaline

Une course de Karting pour rassasiez votre soif d'adrénaline

Bring out the competitive spirit of your colleagues by giving them a “boost” of adrenaline in a karting race! Competitive minds will be delighted, it's assured. You may even discover new sparkling personalities in your colleagues! You will surprise yourself at reminiscent of these playful memories once you return to work. It is a perfect team building activity that will enrich your discussions and build relationships with your colleagues at work. If you're thirsty for adrenaline, karting is the perfect solution for you.

A collective art course

Un cours d’art collectif

Are you looking for the ideal activity that will allow you to work on the creativity of your employees and colleagues while allowing for a high level of social interaction? Don't think too far: a collective art court is the perfect original team building activity. Encourage your team members to produce an artistic piece and draw inspiration from each other to produce a unique piece that you can display on your premises .

Teamwork is an important aspect of this activity, as members will need to communicate with each other in order to produce a collective work. For employers looking to push creativity at the same time forging team-building relationships, this team building idea is the perfect solution for you.

A picnic in the sun

Un pique-nique au soleil

At this time of COVID-19, here is a simple and realistic activity that will help to build relationships between office colleagues. A picnic can be fun to enjoy the good weather and get to know more about all the members of your team. In addition, this activity is inexpensive, which allows you to do it regularly. Why not make it a summer tradition?

Want to know the best? It is now possible to take alcoholic beverages to parks, subject to conditions that you eat on site. How to refuse such a proposal?

Giving back to the community together

Redonner ensemble à la communauté

For this last proposal, we offer you a win-win situation. Indeed, what could be better than building relationships among colleagues, while helping people in need. Helping your neighbour is a must-have way to solidify your team's team building and make a good gesture towards the community.

No need to ask yourself any longer, this activity is an unmissable one. You can register as a volunteer for popular soups or organize a friendly dinner at a seniors' centre. The options are unlimited. Let your imagination go and unite, as a team, to offer some happiness to those in need.

You have in your hands a list of out-of-the-ordinary activities that will strengthen your organizational culture. There is only one small choice left to make: determine which team building activities you prefer. We invite you to share this article if you liked it and above all, to have fun!

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