Employee motivation and telework: ideas and activities

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Motivating employees in a pandemic is not an easy practice. The new business reality that telework brings can lead to complications for businesses: decreased employee productivity, decreased team motivation, a sense ofloneliness, a lack of social interactions, negative impact on internal communications and sharingessential information, etc.

Learn how to increase employee motivation during a pandemic with this series of creative ideas and activities.

Idea to motivate employees in times of pandemic: the weekly meeting

Idée pour motiver les employés en temps de pandémie: la réunion hebdomadaire

Holding a weekly meeting helps not only plan tasks and actions for the coming week, but also motivate teams. In times of a pandemic, telework statistics have revealed that this new business reality can increase the social isolation of workers. The level of concentration and motivation of employees to perform their daily tasks can be negatively affected by telework. That's why holding a weekly meeting can help break this isolation and motivate your teams.

Usually earlier this week, this meeting, which is a common practice in companies, can be revamped to respond to the new business reality due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A little original idea to motivate your employees: allow between 10 and 15 minutes at the beginning of the meeting to have a conversation on a topic that has nothing to do with work!

Take an interest in the weekends of your colleagues and employees and take the time to discuss and build a relationship with them. It is essential to your company's productivity and working climate! You will be surprised how a simple weekly discussion can have such a big impact on the motivation of your employees.

Motivate your employees through peer competitions

Motiver vos employés par les concours d’équipe A

well-known practice in the sales community, contests have a positive impact on employee motivation. Achieve revenue, respond to the largest number of emails, get the best customer satisfaction rate, etc. There are many competition opportunities! Determine the activity you need to accomplish in your company and motivate your employees to achieve the goals.

Here are some price ideas for the winner (s): gift card, restaurant package, sweet treats and more. Find a reward that respects your budget and will animate your teams! No need to spend astronomical amounts: with a budget of $25, you can have access to a host of prizes that will motivate your employees! You can even make it a monthly or even weekly practice to really integrate this motivational activity into your employees' daily lives.

Activity to motivate employees while respecting social distancing: Online Cooking Classes

Activité pour motiver les employés tout en respectant la distanciation sociale: Cours de cuisine en ligne

Gather your team and treat yourself to an activity to live together, each at your home! Etienne Roussin Montreal's renowned chef offers personalized cooking classes live on Skype! Connect online at the same time as your colleagues, and learn together to make mouths, meats and sauces! Introduce yourself to molecular cooking and experience a fun activity with your work teams! This experience will bring you closer and provide a positive atmosphere at work. Little idea: Tell your favorite moment of the event at your next weekly meeting and vote for the best employee! To break the isolation of telework and motivate your employees to do their best!

Motivation of employees through teamwork

La motivation des employés par le travail d’équipe

The new reality of the pandemic and telework can be difficult to live, especially for employees who often find themselves isolated and lack motivation to perform their daily tasks. Bypass obstacles and develop new motivating practices for your employees!

Teamwork allows not only to advance projects thanks to the experience of everyone but also to develop the skills of less experienced employees. This sharing of knowledge is both a source of professional and personal motivation. Teamwork allows for a collaborative and interactive atmosphere. Connect online and see the impact of teamwork on the motivation of your teams. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Fun activity to do with your employees: karting package

Activité amusante à faire avec vos employés: forfait karting

Karting Orford is the ultimate fun center that will allow you to let go of your crazy with your colleagues in this beautiful employee activity! To experience extreme sensations between colleagues, think about Karting Orford. Challenge yourself and build relationships among colleagues in this fun activity that will break the isolation of telework. Perfect for small work teams, this business activity will allow you to motivate your employees while respecting social distancing.

Idea to motivate your employees at work: home meal delivery

Idée pour motiver vos employés au travail: la livraison de repas à domicile

The Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the practice of teleworking will lead to this new business reality. Working from home is not always motivating for employees. Distraction is common and can greatly affect your company's productivity and progress. More and more managers are using ready-to-eat catering services. Plan a day in the week when each of your employees will receive a delicious meal already preparedat home!

Break the routine and surprise your employees with small attentions that will surprise and delight your teams. A happy employee is always more motivated to accomplish his or her daily tasks. Show recognition to your employees and see the impact of increased motivation on your company's productivity!

Teleworking can seem very attractive. However, this practice now becoming common among businesses as a result of the pandemic is causing a lot of difficulty for both businesses and employees. Motivation is not always there, and the negative impact it can have on your company's productivity is quite surprising. Find solutions to motivate your employees and break the isolation caused by telework. Innovation is the key to stimulating and motivating your teams to do the best of themselves!

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