The Employer Brand: Recruit and Retreat Your Employees

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The current labour market can be problematic for companies lacking skilled labour. With increasingly diversified offerings and a shortage of labour in many sectors, individuals have more choice in the selection of companies where they want to pursue a career. Companies have no choice but to stand out and make their employer brand shine.

What is the employer brand?

While the corporate brand is very linked to the perception of quality of the products and services offered, the employer brand is more linked to human resources management. The employer brand is defined, among other things, by the communications of the brand, by its identity as an employer and by the values conveyed within the company.

La marque employeur, c’est quoi?

The employer brand is, in a way, a promise your company makes to potential candidates as well as to your employees. A good employer brand will generally have a higher attractiveness to employees and potential candidates. It can help reduce the turnover rate of your staff by increasing employee loyalty. But how do you improve your employer brand?

HR marketing and its impact on the recruitment and retention of your employees

Marketing is not only valid externally, quite the contrary! It is highly recommended for SMEs and large companies to build an HR marketing strategy. The goal of HR marketing is to clarify, consolidate and promote the positioning of your employer brand in order to recruit and retain your employees.

Le marketing RH et son impact sur le recrutement et la fidélisation de vos employés

Define the positioning of your employer brand

Defining the positioning of your employer brand is the first step tooptimize your HR marketing. Indeed, you need to be able to identify who you are, what your values are, what your consumer awareness is, what your employees perceive you, what your wage policy is, etc. Positioning your employer brand relies on your company's DNA. For example, in its “Nuance” campaign, Desjardins expresses very well the essence of its employer brand: human work for humans.

Définir le positionnement de votre marque employeur

Positioning your employer brand will allow you to communicate more clearly the tangible and intangible benefits your company offers to its employees. The positioning of your employer brand is what sets your company apart from another. Defining the positioning of your employer brand will also make it easier for you to identify who your target audience is in your staffing activities, which are potential candidates who share your company's core values. A good positioning of the employer brand will also help you retain your employees, reduce irritants and develop your leadership.

What are employees looking for at their employer?

In 2020, it is no longer true to say that a good salary is all employees are looking for. According to a recent survey by the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, Quebec employees are increasingly looking for access to flexible working conditions and environments where valuing and self-realization takes an important place.

Qu’est-ce que recherchent les employés chez leur employeur?

The benefits sought by Quebec employees are no longer just financial. This is a very important point to remember when building or revising your HR marketing.

Know how to target and recruit potential candidates

The positioning of your employer brand will not meet the expectations of the entire workforce, whether in Quebec, in the country or internationally. That's why your company should take the time to think about the target “clientele” of your employer brand.

Savoir cibler et recruter les candidats potentiels

The idea is to create, among all your employees and candidates, homogeneous groups with the same behaviours, expectations and needs. This can be a socio-demographic, geographical, psychographic segmentation... You can then start communicating your employer brand by adapting your message to the different target segments. In this way, you will increase your chances of attracting, recruiting and retaining potential candidates as well as your employees.

The employer brand and its impact on customer satisfaction

A good employer brand will have a positive impact on employee satisfaction and motivation. When the promise of your employer brand is in line with reality, the likelihood that your employees will deliver quality service is significantly higher.

La marque employeur et son impact sur la satisfaction de la clientèle

Employee satisfaction and productivity have been a topic that has been studied extensively in recent years. Experts discovered that the employer brand has an impact on consumer satisfaction. The reason is that the intermediary between the company and the customer is the employees. By increasing their satisfaction, your organization will most likely see an increase in revenue.

In conclusion, in order to recruit potential candidates and retain your employees, a good positioning and targeted communication of your employer brand is a must. Several employer-branded agencies exist to help you establish clear, accurate HR marketing that will meet your target clientele. Our Employer Brand Tip #1 : Deliver on the promise you make to potential candidates and your employees. A good positioning of your employer brand will not be enough to retain your employees: you must respect what you promise them.

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